September 15, 2019

Haute Fragrance Company brings unique olfactory experience to travel retail

French niche luxury fragrance company will present itscollections and introduce new items in Cannes

Launched in 2017, French niche perfume brand Haute Fragrance Company Paris (HFC) will be in Cannes for the first time this year.

Building on its success in the Russian domestic market, HFC is now targeting global travel retail. The independent French brand doubled its turnover in its first two years by launching four fragrance collections and increasing its presence in Russia. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, from both consumers and retailers.

A fast-growing company, HFC is a leader in the luxury fragrance market, with a strong presence in Russia’s high-end department stores, niche and concept stores. The unique brand is a collaboration of some of the world’s best artists, perfumers and designers, offering a unique perfume experience that combines art and olfactory conception.

To introduce the brand to retailers and meet with potential distributors in travel retail, HFC Paris will present all collections and introduce gorgeous new items in Cannes, in a spectacular suite just opposite the Palais des Festivals in famous Boulevard de la Croisette 7.

The perfume bottles, which embody female sophistication, are handmade in La Glass Vallée in Normandy. The bottles’ elegance, shape and volume of 75 ml combine to create an exclusive accessory that can be carried on board through security and also fit neatly in a clutch.

Each bottle is an exquisite piece of art. Fabricated of handmade glass and enamel, the bottles are decorated with magnificent illustrations by famous artists, carried out with a very complex and unique sublimation technique. The cap of the bottle is made of a precious zamak metal.

All fragrances are available in a concentration close to Extrait de Parfum, with a large percentage of natural and noble raw materials.

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